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We are pleased that after extensive audits by Qlip, on July 22, 2021, we were once again able to receive the IFS higher level certificates. Download our certificates here or go to our Quality & CSR page.

Mini Dutchy is the innovation in the category snacks.   23 December 2019 The mini cheeses are made from real mild Gouda cheese and have a handy snack size of just 15 grams. Mini Dutchy, produced in the Netherlands, is the perfect cheese snack for adults and children! Exclusive distribution [...]
Thank you for visiting our booth at Anuga 2019! 25 september 2019   Veldhuyzen Kaas as part of MAAZ Cheese is a full-service supplier of European cheeses and cheese specialities. From the new state-of-the-art ageing and distribution centre in Bodegraven, they supply¬† the ranges of more than 120 European cheese [...]