MAAZ Cheese Montana Intenso
On: 30 July 2019 In: Press release

Montana Intenso cheese, produced by Veldhuyzen Kaas, based in Bodegraven and part of MAAZ Cheese, was awarded the title ‘Best Dutch Cheese’ during the International Cheese Awards 2019.
Veldhuyzen Kaas received a whopping three Gold awards during the event.

Veldhuyzen Kaas

Veldhuyzen Kaas is specialised in the national and international sale of Dutch cheese specialties. The brands Montana, Veldhuyzen, Basiron and Hommage are all well known around the world. Veldhuyzen Kaas has been awarded multiple times for bringing remarkable innovations and top-quality products onto the market. Veldhuyzen Kaas was acquired by MAAZ Cheese on 1st January 2019.

International Cheese Awards 2019

The International Cheese Awards, an event that takes place annually in Nantwich, UK, is one of the most prestigious cheese competitions in the world. During the event, professional judges judge more than 5,000 cheeses from 27 countries.

Award-winning cheeses

In addition to the Montana Intenso cheese, Veldhuyzen Blue Label and Basiron Sweet Pepper also received a Gold Award. The Mook smoked Gouda received a Silver Award and Veldhuyzen Red Label received a Very Highly Recommended certificate.